Friday, 27 July 2012

99p well spent! (Unexpected eBay bargains)

Don't you just love it when an online purchase ends up being *so* much better than you'd expected?

Don't you love it even more when said purchase set you back the princely sum of 99p?

I just got this blouse and skirt together from eBay:

Granted, they don't look like much on the hanger, and even when I had won them I was sceptical- I had been looking for a camel-coloured autumn skirt, and thought that this A-line corduroy number might be a nice change from my usual (pencil skirts or full circle skirts) - but I immediately reprimanded myself; price regardless, I really don't need any more unwanted, unflattering impulse buys cluttering my overstuffed wardrobe!

What a lovely surprise then, to find that both the skirt and the blouse (which I hadn't wanted, particularly) are not just 'good for the price', but really quite lovely!

 The skirt that I had expected to be dull, heavy and utterly granny-like fits like a dream and is lovely and swingy! Best of all- I have *so* many accessories that complement it perfectly, from handbags and shoes to scarves and belts- I can see it now with my 60s tortoishell vinyl belt and 50s-style leopard print neckscarf, with a cute sweater of course!

Like the skirt, the blouse is a perfect fit, but best of all, it's a dead ringer for a blouse I saw in a 1950s magazine recently! If it weren't for the M&S label and the seam finishes I would have probably thought it was vintage! Check out the sweet rounded collar, gathered shoulders, and adorable loop fastening (with little pearly buttons!):

As if that weren't awesome enough, the fabric feels and looks very much like the rayon and cotton blends that my genuine vintage blouses are made from (though it is a poly/viscose mix). It has the classic boxy shape too, and it's great to finally have a white blouse that doesn't look like a uniform or office wear!

A wonderful find on both counts, don't you think? Have you had any unexpected eBay successes recently?

Stay tuned for pics of my two most recent finds: two pairs of vintage 50s cats' eyes sunglasses- my first ever vintage sunnies!


Wednesday, 25 July 2012

More stuff for sale!

Vintage and retro bargains galore for sale on my eBay!

I'm having a second clearout! Lots of rockabilly, retro and vintage items from my personal stash! Auctions end Sunday! Including:

This gorgeous vintage-inspired polka dot dress!

Beautiful 1950s vintage Jonathan Logan dress!

Mint condition 80s vintage pillbox hat, with polka dot veil and satin bow!

Adorable 80s-does-50s vintage pink dress!

Sweet gingham rockabilly tie blouse! (more blouses listed)

Lovely 80s-does-40s vintage dress, with rose corsage!

Beautiful ivory shift dress!

Darling 30s-40s style dress in dusty pink!

Classic white cotton retro 50s sundress!  

All this and more for sale here! Take a look and please share! Thanks and happy bidding!