Tuesday, 28 February 2012

New discovery: dusting powder!

Sorry I haven't updated for a while- lots of exciting vintage-y things to ramble about!

First off, though: in need of some frivolous yet inexpensive vintage-style pampering, I bought myself my first ever pot of dusting powder from  The Witches' Spindle on Etsy. (The scents are organized alphabetically, so have a browse through and see what you fancy). I bought 'Inspire' -Rose and Sandalwood - and it didn't disappoint! It leaves a delicate frangrance and lovely silky-smooth feeling; plus, I feel ever so glamorous dusting myself with a big fluffy powder puff every morning- which is included with the pots! I'm even going to buy a spare one to apply my face powder with!

Even though dusting powder - or its somewhat less glamorous incarnation, talcum powder - seems to have a bit of a reputation as something your granny uses, I think it's a fabulous way to add subtle scent, and feel silky soft! And who doesn't want to be smooth, soft and fragrant?!

I can't wait to try more scents- let me know if you do! (Lilac and Lavender and Jasmine, Rose and Patchouli are next on my list!)


Friday, 10 February 2012

Pretty in pink- my first oufit post!

...except it doesn't have me in. Sorry guys.

I'm hopefully off for a day out tomorrow, and I'm planning to wear this delightful vintage 50s pink dress, which I just got in the mail today via Etsy!

Pink nylon chiffon neckscarf adds a classic 50s touch!

Close-up of the sweet floral embroidery!

Planning to accessorize with these- can't decide which earrings yet. Goldtone pink rhinestone and enamel flowers, or delicate little enamel roses? Pearlized pink bangle found in charity shop for 99p, could it be lucite...?

I'll be topping it all off with my faithful white accessories! White wicker basket bag, possibly vintage 50s or 60s, with lucite handle. White leather vintage 80s pumps and a white vinyl belt from a beloved but long-gone modern sundress to finish!

Close-up of the bag's gorgeous white pearly lucite frame and handle!

Can't wait to wear this tomorrow! Ta-ra!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Etsy woes...

Okay, I really just need to vent about this...

Don't get me wrong, I love Etsy. Since I discovered it six months ago it has furnished me with a vintage wardrobe I only could have dreamed of a year or so ago, when I started dressing vintage. But my experiences with my latest crop of purchases have left me with a bit of a sour taste in my mouth.

Take, for instance, the 'iced pink' day dress that turned out to be codespeak for 'faded half pink and half white'; the vintage bonnet dryer that despite being unused, smelt so horrible as to dissuade me from using it altogether; the skirt that had no fastener (which the seller 'missed', despite it being on a mannequin in the photos... hmm). Or, worst of all, the two blouses I bought- one of which had a large stain, which, by the looks of things, isn't going to come out, and the other one is so sun-damaged that some parts are a completely different color than the rest.

This is already frustrating enough, but what really made me blow my top was the frankly poor customer service I received (though only in two cases, thankfully). It's so tempting to name names, but, that would be rather mean of me, so...

One seller refused to give me even a partial refund without me sending the top back to her, despite the fact that a) I did actually like the blouse, and b) I would have to pay my own shipping costs. The other seller was downright rude when I contacted her, and though she insisted the pictures made the discoloration clear, was bascially kicking sand over the fact that she had sold me the shirt knowing that the hadn't made the fault clear, which, as far as I'm concerned, is dishonesty.

It's not even about price, in my opinion. If I paid $5 for something, does that mean I'm happy to write off the fact that it has a significant stain/hole/tear/smell that I was not made aware of before I bought it? To me, it's about sellers being 110% transparent about what they're selling, especially if they have draconian return policies...

Anyway, rant over for now. Maybe it's a sign that I need to stop shopping...


Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Candy (wo)man- my new 50s rainbow dress!

I just had to share this, my very latest acquisition via Etsy!
This gorgeous marbled rainbow colored dress is like nothing I've ever seen before! At first I thought it was an 80s-does-50s dress because of the bright colors and unusual print, but no, it appears to be the real deal! I don't think it's a plain dress that's been dyed, either- the marbling is too neat. In any case, it's just gorgeous- so incredibly unusual and such beautiful colors! And look very closely, you'll see a dainty white flower print over the top!

As usual, it'll be a teensy bit big on top (oh the woes of being pear-shaped!), and I do wish it hadn't been hemmed, but as we vintage lovers know, the search for the perfect-fitting, unaltered, mint-condition vintage wardrobe is a futile one (or at least a very expensive one).

Thinking I'll wear these earrings with it (vintage 80s-but-looks-50s-or-60s Sarah Coventry goldtone and glass AB):

I love how they look different colors in different lights- I thought the pinks, yellows and blues in the earrings would look great with the dress. Either that or go for cheap 'n' cheerful with white plastic beads

Can't wait to get my little rainbow package! Ta-ra!

Friday, 3 February 2012

Hello, and welcome!

Is there anybody out there? This is my first ever blog, and my first ever post!

The title says it all. I'm a twenty-something student and vintage clothing and lifestyle fanatic, and this is my blog. Welcome!

A bit about me:

The 1950s have always fascinated me. At age 7 or 8 I was in love with Elvis (no joke, ask my parents!). Around the same time I found rock 'n' roll via my Dad's music collection. A few years later my Mum took me to see Grease. A decade down the line and I'm (finally) something of a walking time-machine. Hence my 'name'- yes, I have actually been referred to as 'That 50s Girl'. It's the music I listen to, the movies I watch, the clothes I wear, my hair, makeup, and much more.

I'm not going to lie- I started this blog primarily as a showcase for my vintage and vintage-inspired wardrobe, which is not such a bad thing- I think it's an inbuilt female trait to want to display and share your purchases! But, occasionally you might get me rambling about something less frivolous. When I have time, inbetween writing papers, trying to sleep and eat simultaneously, and figuring out how to do an alternating pincurl set.

Well, I'll sign off for now- and please, if you like what you read, comment! Share! Discuss! Ta-ra for now!