Tuesday, 28 February 2012

New discovery: dusting powder!

Sorry I haven't updated for a while- lots of exciting vintage-y things to ramble about!

First off, though: in need of some frivolous yet inexpensive vintage-style pampering, I bought myself my first ever pot of dusting powder from  The Witches' Spindle on Etsy. (The scents are organized alphabetically, so have a browse through and see what you fancy). I bought 'Inspire' -Rose and Sandalwood - and it didn't disappoint! It leaves a delicate frangrance and lovely silky-smooth feeling; plus, I feel ever so glamorous dusting myself with a big fluffy powder puff every morning- which is included with the pots! I'm even going to buy a spare one to apply my face powder with!

Even though dusting powder - or its somewhat less glamorous incarnation, talcum powder - seems to have a bit of a reputation as something your granny uses, I think it's a fabulous way to add subtle scent, and feel silky soft! And who doesn't want to be smooth, soft and fragrant?!

I can't wait to try more scents- let me know if you do! (Lilac and Lavender and Jasmine, Rose and Patchouli are next on my list!)



  1. Can you explain exactly what you do with this? I'm clueless!


  2. Sure! It's just scented powder that you apply to your body, either with a big fluffy brush or a puff like the one pictured. As far as I know, it's purely for the scent and the silky feeling it leaves your skin with. I don't think it's actually moisturising, but it does make your skin feel soft and smooth, if that makes sense. I've heard that it also makes your clothes slide on and off easier (oo-er!). Basically, it's kind of frivolous, but it's rather nice, at least I think so, anyway! I really like how it adds a hint of perfume. It would be great for layering scents if you had a similar-smelling perfume, body lotion, shower gel, etc.

    Let me know if you try any! X

  3. Thanks for your wonderful comment on by blog! I love powder puffs. There is something wonderfully decadent about them! Its great to find other blogging beginers as its always really encouraging.

    I'll definitley be popping back here to see how your doing and please come back and see my site soon as I would love to get feedback on my next few posts.

    All the best :)


    1. Hello! You're welcome, and thanks for your kind words too! I'll will definitely be having a gander from time to time! I am most definitely a blogging beginner, but I hope to go from strength to strength, so do keep popping by!

      TFG x

  4. hello deary!!! :) I found your blog via the Fedora Lounge, and i just adore it!!! :) i cant wait to see more posts! :) I love scented body powder myself as well! :) it makes me feel so pampered and i just love the light sent they provide, its never too strong :) i think im going to by some myself hahaha!
    again i love this blog it is amazing! if you would like to stop by my blog i have a chat going for all my blog and FL friends called Flapper Chatter, id love to see you there! http://theritzyflapper.blogspot.com/ :) as well as i just added a forum page called The Speak Easy http://theritzyflapper.blogspot.com/p/speak-easy.html haha its still very new and still in its beginning stages and i hope to see you there as well!! :)

    Wishing you a wonderful day,

    1. Hello! thanks for your sweet comment! This stuff is so lovely, I've had it a while now and it hasn't lost any of its lovely scent. I can definitely recommend the seller. Let me know if you get some!

      Please do drop by again, and you're welcome to follow if you'd like! Your blog sounds great, I will check it out now! Great idea about the chat thing!

      TFG X