Saturday, 2 June 2012

A long overdue update (and a bit of an overhaul)...

Howdy folks,

I started this blog way back in the beginning of the year with high hopes and good intentions - but school, and life in general, took over, and it quickly languished. :(

Over the next few months I hope to be finally putting in the kind of effort I had wanted to... posting regularly, reading, enjoying and commenting on other lovely vintage-themed blogs, AND (drumroll...dum dum dum...) documenting my newfound love of sewing! Yes, just recently I have been learning to sew- vintage, of course! So I hope to use my blog as a way of documenting, amongst other things, my work-in-progress, finished garments, vintage pattern and notion collection, and general ramblings themed around my love of all things  mid-twentieth C!

Let's hope I keep to my resolutions this time! Toodle-pip til next time!

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