Sunday, 10 June 2012

Attention all vintage-lovers: stuff for sale!

I'm finally having a massive wardrobe clearout and listing on eBay, starting today!Over the coming weeks, I will be listing tons of vintage and vintage-inspired loveliness, including:

a 1950s Jonathan Logan yellow sundress! Find it HERE!

a 1950s pink day  dress! Find it HERE!

a 1930s or 40s cream hat! Find it HERE!

a beautiful reverse carved lucite earring and pendant set - probably 50s! Coming soon!

a new with tags 40s/50s-styled cream wiggle dress! Find it HERE!

a sweet 60s or 70s embroidered dressing gown/robe with a definite 40s/50s feel! Find it HERE!

and loads of retro and vintage-inspired modern stuff,  including dresses, skirts, shorts, tops, accessories, bras and bikinis- the lot!

Check it all out HERE! and please share with anyone who might be interested! :)

Thanks and happy bidding!



  1. Great! I've added you to my favourite sellers and look forward to that sundress! :)

    1. and thank you! :) hope you might see something you like!

    2. Hi Kate! That was quick! :D

      I can actually put the sundress up now if you like!

  2. What a lovely array of vintage pieces, I'm especially fond of the woven cream hat. One doesn't see examples like that in such a good condition very often any more. I hope that all goes well with your sales, dear gal.

    Thank you very much for both of your recent blog comments, I'm delighted that you found Chronically Vintage and really appreciate your visit.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Hi Jessica! Thanks for following! I will definitely be popping back from time to time- you write such interesting and thoughtful posts! Unlike me, haha, I just post about whatever's on my mind!

      Thanks for the good wishes re: my selling. I'm hoping that more than a few pieces will get re-homed :) and yes, the hat is beautiful. Sad to let it go but out with the old, in with the new, eh? (or just more vintage...heheh)

      TFG x